We teach the biomechanics of the golf swing 

and the geometry of the golf club.


Golf doesn’t have to be complicated.

In golf, there’s a plethora of conflicting and overwhelming information. The process of sifting through this information can be frustrating to the point of wanting to quit. We’ve also shared in these experiences and understand – from a student and player’s perspective – how this game can sometime get the better of you.


We’ll bring the best resources to you.

It’s our goal and passion to translate the information and teach it in a way that will help you improve. In order for you to achieve your goal, you need to first understand why you need to move a certain way.


Before any long-lasting improvement, comes trust.

It’s hard to make improvements to your game if you don’t trust the information. We’ve studied The Golfing Machine, Golf EvolutionPureStrike’s 5 Simple Keys, Stack and Tilt, and Dr Kwon’s Biomechanics. Each of these methods has been built on the basis of geometry and physics.


The more “Ah-ha” moments, the better. 

As teachers, this is the best moment. When something just “clicks” or you start to understand in a way you didn’t before – this is what we strive for in each lesson.